Preschool Educative Programs

We offer a Preschool program in a long day care setting and we recognise the Early Learning Years as a critical period in a child’s development. University trained early childhood teachers will work closely in partnership with you throughout the year in guiding educational learning outcomes for your child in preparation for their school readiness.

photoSingingIndividual Programs and Portfolios

Each child will have an individual program and portfolio devised specifically for them with the educators monitoring and supporting all areas of their development which is inclusive of language, physical, social and emotional aspects.  They will ensure any supports for development required by your child will become the focus of their program. The program will also be guided by your child’s interests and abilities and be supportive of their right to learn through spontaneous and guided play.

As part of our preschool plan, early in the year, we arrange a visit by the school nurse to our Centre.  Her role is to check the sight, hearing, language and physical development of any child that we or the parent have some concerns about and she will refer them to support services if required.

readingCooperative Approach

Our centre will also assist, wherever necessary, in a cooperative approach with the school and yourself in development of a plan to aid a smooth transition of your child from our preschool to big school. We welcome your inspection of our Preschool and can provide time to meet with you and individually address your questions regarding our Preschool programs.