Child Care Educative Programs

We recognise the Early Learning Years as a critical period in a child’s development.  Our role is to provide a safe and nurturing environment with an educationally based program that is reflective of sound knowledge of child development and an understanding of the importance of play for children. We work closely with parents engaging their plans for their child’s development in our program and are inspired by the child’s interest as we help guide their learning outcomes.

photo1We know children like being with children

So we focus on the importance of supporting and guiding child’s play and development of friendships

We know parents are the most important teacher for their child

So we know the importance of openly communicating and working in partnerships with them in development of programs for their child.

We know the brain learns at the greatest rate under the age of five years

So we understand the importance of supportive and educationally guided programs for all children including infants.

We know our childcare educators have a great impact on the learning outcomes of children

So they are selected for their expertise and supported in this important role.

photoPointingWe know children are individuals who love security, playing, laughing, stories, dancing, climbing, cuddling, singing, talking, being heard, investigating, creating and are able learners

So we plan for and engage these in our programs.  We supervise and educate, seek help for them when needed, play with them, guide and extend their learning and work toward establishing a happy, engaging and safe child, family and educational environment.

We look forward to your inspection of our Child Care Centre and with meeting you and your child.